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We are the leading AUTOMATED tank cleaning company in West Africa. Our automated tank cleaning system de sludge, recover oil, and clean tanks in a single closed-looped system in the safest and most environmentally friendly way available and possible. 

 EAL has extensive experience in this field and can provide AUTOMATED tank cleaning, maintenance, and repair of crude storage tanks at refineries, oil fields, and tank terminals. Our AHRTC system is Oreco’s patented BLABO® system. It is automated, mobile, modular, and non-man entry. Its ‘closed loop cleaning system’ heavily reduces the impact of tank cleaning on the environment and provides nearly 100% hydrocarbon recovery of useful HC from bottom sludge (up to 98% and above). It is completely safe and NON-MAN ENTRY without any recorded incident. The system is designed to clean large-volume; difficult-to-clean oil tanks and is suitable for both floating and fixed-roof tanks. . When compared to manual cleaning techniques, this system is safer and reduces tank downtime by up to 80%.