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EAL provides a wide range of UTT inspection services to clients in multiple industries especially in the oil & gas industry 

Some of them, include
  • Flaw detection (cracks, inclusions, porosity, delamination etc.)
  • Corrosion/erosion wall thickness gauging
  • Bond integrity assessment
  • Estimation of grain size in metals

Ultrasonic Thickness Testing (UTT) helps determine the extent of corrosion and erosion on the walls of piping, vessel, storage tank, and other assets. Ultrasonic Thickness Testing (UTT) is one of the most common applications of the ultrasonic inspection technique. As corrosion and erosion often occur on the inside of pipe and vessel walls, degradation can potentially lead to more damaging effects if allowed to worsen. Some of the major advantages of ultrasonic testing are:

  • Detection of surface and subsurface defects
  • Superior depth of penetration compared to other test methods
  • High accuracy regarding estimating discontinuity size and shape
  • Minimal specimen preparation is required
  • Instantaneous results produced by using electronic equipment
  • Detailed images can be produced with automated systems

.EAL recommends regular UTT measurements to our clients to ensure asset integrity because we are equipped to render the diverse scopes of the UTT.